Contactless secure printing for Universal Print with PriApps

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PriApps enhances Universal Print by providing a range of features and functionality that help organizations track print usage, manage and enforce print rules and policies, and increase security and confidentiality. This is achieved by allowing users to release their print jobs at any printer or MFP, rather than printing to a specific device and leaving unattended print jobs in the output trays for others to view. This feature is widely known as Pull Print. PriApps refers to it as Secure Print Release, which more accurately describes the value to organizations.

Through its integration with Universal Print, users no longer need to print to a specific printer, they print to their own personal print queue, which PriApps calls the myQueue. The PriApps myQueue appears to the user as a separate printer, however print jobs are now held until the user decides to release them at the printer or MFP of their choosing.


Since its inception PriApps has been a pioneer and innovator in the use of mobile apps for print management, offering users the ability to securely authenticate at MFPs as well as release print jobs at any printer or MFP using the PriApps mobile app, as well as via the MFP control panel. In response to the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic, PriApps extended the functionality of its mobile apps to include contactless personalized scan workflows and remote copy control. 

PriApps allows users to securely print, copy, scan and fax at printers and MFPs using a mobile app on their smartphone or tablet, or a web browser on any desktop or laptop computer, regardless of the operating system. SSO functionality ensures that users are only presented with their own print jobs or scan workflows and all usage is tracked for accurate reporting, billing or analytics.

For those users who still want or need to perform their workflows at the MFP, PriApps offers an MFP app which allows users to log in using smartphone, an ID card or door access badge, or by entering their credentials on the MFP control panel. Personalized ‘One-touch’ print, copy, scan and fax workflows ensure that interaction at the MFP is minimized.

Cost Recovery is another feature, typically used by Legal firms, which PriApps is able to offer Universal Print customers. Here users can assign Cost Accounts or Client Matter codes to any print job, as well as copy, scan and fax jobs. This data is then used for client billing or departmental chargeback. PriApps integrates to over 100 accounting, billing, and case management systems to seamline the processing of assigning Cost Accounts or Client Matter codes.

Visit the Universal Print solution integration page to learn more about PriApps and Universal Print.


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