Searching just a blog - not the posts

Searching just a blog - not the posts



 Apr 21 2021
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Please provide the ability to search just the blog articles. Many communities have conversations and the official blogs. When we know that we want to find an official post, It would be very helpful to be able to limit a search to just those articles

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Hello. Yes option as context = search only for official Microsoft articles - is a normal categorisation that actually makes a lot of sense and gives you information that is authorized by Microsoft employees ! Such a division is justified and much needed. I support this idea

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I think this already exists.


If you go to 'Search' in the top right, type in your search term.


Then you'll get to this interface, and select 'Type of Posts' and select Blog only.













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@JamesGough Thank, i never noticed that option before. I was using the "Search this community" box when I was in a community and looking for something similar when in a blog, but this approach seems to work.

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We learn all the time and solutions are sometimes not visible, but MTC members are always helpful! Thank you very much

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thanks @JamesGough you are correct this already exists.