Totals don't line up with the sum of numbers.

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Hello, I have a question in the Power BI Report Builder.  Is there a reason why the total for the 2019 column does not match up with the sum of the numbers but the 2020 column does?  I'm calculating a sum of 600 in 2019 but the total says 602. Perhaps I did something wrong.  I have included the ran Dashboards report and the design view of the report.  Please let me know if the pictures are not readable or if this is not the right community to post this question.










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@rbaystva This is not the appropriate place to ask this question - sorry about that. This is an area of Tech Community dedicated to questions specifically around the Microsoft Tech Community website, not other Microsoft products or services.


While we don't have an area for PowerBI here, that's because they have their own separate community here: I'd recommend posting your question there!