SS1: your notification system is simply a chaos, new way are neeeded

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You need to create a panel where we can see all posts with new comments, without using notification (obviously post that i want to follow). once we open such post (and maybe reply), you remove it from this panel. when we open such post, you show us directly the new comment, and not that first we need to change page, then scroll. is really painful now.


notification is only good if you have only few notifications and you check these every x. in my opinion there are already to many notification for things that i'm not interested into.

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If you're not interested in receiving notification for a post/thread, go to that item and unsubscribe from it.
you can view all of your notifications in one place.
in profile settings, you can view all the items you have subscribed and modify your subscriptions.
@edgesuggestions Whaaat? No! Notifications is the only way I'm getting around here since my account is locked.