Lack of community improvements

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It has been 4 weeks since there was an announcement about improvements to the usabilty of this community. Based upon some of the earlier announcements, I was under the impression that there were going to be more frequent updates.


What is the plan for implementing bug fixes and responding to user suggestions?


Very few of the posted ideas have any indication that they have been reviewed.


@Anna Chu; @Michael Holste

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Thanks Dean, we haven't forgotten or stopped working on the the back-end. Anna and Mike can provide a more comprehensive update.

What about the front end? The UX is still very poor and has barely improved since launch. What's in the pipeline to improve that?

@Paul Cunningham take a look at, it is rather vague, but it seems like some UI improvements may be coming in the next 8 weeks.

I have no idea why it it taking so long to improve something that is so bad

@Dean Gross I suspect when you start with something so drastically different from the UX norms for online communities it becomes very difficult to fix.

Thanks guys, we hear the feedback loud and clear.


As noted in Anna's post, we are working on numerous improvements. We also have had a full plate in supporting the community and content efforts at Microsoft Ignite and Microsoft Tech Summits. But don't worry! Improving the discoverability of posts, general UI, threading, etc. is high on our list of priorities.