Is it OK to use signatures with text and pictures (like ads) on every single forum Posts/Comments?

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Found this thread:


and it appears it is not supposed to happen, but I see a few users doing it, putting text and picture on every single comment or post they make which is quite annoying. they literally Upload the same Picture and write the same text again and again on every post, very repetitive. so if everyone do the same and advertise something or put a custom picture then it will be a mess.


I would name them if you want but for now just want to know where the community guidelines stand about these behaviors. thanks



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@HotCakeXI don't know of any rule that forbids that. If it's advertisement, however, just report the post.

I rather wait for an official answer instead of reporting +1000 posts :)
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@HotCakeX The only current rule in the code of conduct would disallow any third-party links, so if your signature read:


Eric Starker

Buy my sofas at 


That wouldn't be allowed.


But we do revisit our code of conduct frequently - can you share some examples of the signatures you've seen? Happy to take a look.

Thank you!
oh it's okay you already explained that only links to 3rd parties are problematic and the rest of the stuff such as pics and texts are fine :)

@HotCakeX As a heads-up, to clarify after further consideration, we should add that while we don't encourage signatures, or images in signatures, in general, using Microsoft images in a signature is a violation of our Terms of Use.


We have reached out to one user privately about this, but I'm leaving this comment as an update here.  

Thank you for taking the time and posting an update.