Inconsistent functionality in network

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When i go to the CAAB group at, I see the screen shown below with Unread items. How come I don't see this for any other groups?

How come I can't find this group in any of the spaces? I can only find it be searching for one of the members.





The randomly changing functionality in this network is VERY frustrating

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Hi @Dean Gross The CAAB group is a group and not a conversation space.  We're partnering with the CAAB team to get this right, they have some specific functionality requests around membership management that currently can only be enabled via groups.  However we are working in real time to see if we can augment conversation spaces to support what they're looking for.  Hang tight!

This is a perfect example of a reason that many of us are confused and frustrated. Apparently there a Communities, Community Spaces, Groups and possible some other types of containers that are not explained, documented or organized in any type of easy to understand information architecture.

How are we supposed to find "Groups"?

What is the functional different between a Group in this network and a Space?

We understand your frustration.  We are learning as we go about capabilities of different types of interaction styles.  Groups is not something we have fully rolled out everywhere yet, we are partnering with the CAAB group in real-time so we have a test case that supports a real scenario.  We ask for your patience at this time, sorry this has been a frustrating experience for you.

One of the main reasons that I am so frustrated is that MS had a very vibrant community with thousands of smart, talented people working together and it was thrown away. It was not broken, and this new system does not work very well.


Did any one of the 80,000 yammer community members complain that they could not find any of that conent when the did a search on the internet? I know that was never an issue for me - a daily user of the o365 network for over 3 years.



Yes, in fact you can test this yourself.  When searching for answers the first thing that comes up are support resources which is not the ideal scenario for someone looking for answers to product questions.  You may not have experienced this yourself because you were already in the community but many people could not get past the firewall.  We tested this at Microsoft Ignite last year and there was a significantly large proportion of people we could not successfully log in.  At least now with the Microsoft Tech Community, you can see what type of conversations are happening before you make the decision to join.

You can find all nodes in sitemap. Within the sitemap_nodes.xml I found 3 groups

The CAAB group will now move to the Deploying Cloud community as a space - they are moving to is now updated to point to this new location.  This is in an effort to have a consistent experience across the Microsoft Tech Community.  Apologies for having to shift locations but we were experimenting with functionality and this is the best solution for the CAAB group.