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When I first signed up, signup process indicated that Tech community needed access to a bunch of account data (activity, email, etc.) and that I can change this at any time at <url>.  Problem is, there is no record of these settings anywhere that I can find - almost as if they're intentionally hidden?  Where do/can I change these?

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Those are settings for the application that leverages your Office 365 identity. You can get the info via Get-AzureADServicePrincipal or the Azure portal:


DeletionTimestamp                  :
ObjectId                           : 674bb85f-3f9d-4aa3-9d29-0ff76dcfc681
ObjectType                         : ServicePrincipal
AccountEnabled                     : True
AddIns                             : {}
AlternativeNames                   : {}
AppDisplayName                     : MS Tech Comm
AppId                              : 09213cdc-9f30-4e82-aa6f-9b6e8d82dab3
AppOwnerTenantId                   : 72f988bf-86f1-41af-91ab-2d7cd011db47
AppRoleAssignmentRequired          : False
AppRoles                           : {}
DisplayName                        : MS Tech Comm
ErrorUrl                           :
Homepage                           :
KeyCredentials                     : {}
LogoutUrl                          :
Oauth2Permissions                  : {}
PasswordCredentials                : {}
PreferredTokenSigningKeyThumbprint :
PublisherName                      : Microsoft
ReplyUrls                          : {}
SamlMetadataUrl                    :
ServicePrincipalNames              : {09213cdc-9f30-4e82-aa6f-9b6e8d82dab3}
ServicePrincipalType               : Application
Tags                               : {WindowsAzureActiveDirectoryIntegratedApp}



You can also revoke access for the application if needed. If you need more help about the whole Azure AD applications model, read here:

So, none of that makes any sense for me - don't use Azure.  I don't have O365, so don't have any applications that leverage it.  I had signed up for MS Tech Community so follow up on some threads is all.

For a MicrosoftID, use the relevant controls under