Feedback on how banner in Microsoft Tech Community looks on different devices

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I have been seeing that a new design for the Microsoft Tech Community e-mail has come for few months and I have some Feedback to give on the banner of the new design. Rest all is perfect :)


E-mail on mobile phone in Portrait Mode

The banner appears to be totally broken in the portrait mode. The image is very small and the text to the left appears vertically and words are broken to suit the resolution as seen in the attached video. This also increases the time till we scroll down to the main content.


E-mail on the Mobile phone in Landscape mode and on Desktops

When viewing in these two modes there is the same issue where the image to fit in its own resolution and not to be stretched, leaves grey space on the bottom which does not look good as shown in the below screenshots.


Banner on Mobile phone in landscape modeBanner on Mobile phone in landscape mode


Banner on desktop E-mail clientBanner on desktop E-mail client

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Thanks for linking that idea here, I had not seen any discussions on this topic and so I posted one.


I also thank you - because your independent opinion confirms that other MTC Members are waiting for improvements on this topic!

But we have the manager's assurance that this will happen as soon as the new solutions are tested.