Redesign Email Notifications

Redesign Email Notifications



 May 11 2021
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Please change the formatting of the email notifications that we receive from this system. They are horrible and require excessive scrolling an a mobile device, see The new e-mail notifications not great on mobile device - Microsoft Tech Community for more discussion

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So scrolling is annoying and discourages reading! In total I support your idea I think the format of the message needs to be improved! the photo as an embedded attachment is unnecessary and it should be in the notification settings to hide it - as an option to choose from! 

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Status changed to: On Hold

@Dean Gross 


As always I appreciate your feedback. We are currently discussion with the platform vendor if there is anything we can do to make the email notification system more powerful as right now you don't have the luxury of a design for mobile that is different than the one for desktop and that's where this problem arises from. 


I am going to mark this as 'On hold' as its not clear at this point what we can do to make them better without compromising on the UI Design we want for desktop, other than suggest users change their email format to plain text which, of course, removes all the embedded content.

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@Allen thanks for an update, but this answer is very disappointing. Formatting email messages for mobile devices is not a new concept, this capability has been available for many years. I find it difficult to believe that a developer cannot figure out a way to apply some different styling. 

I would start with simplifying the design of the emails sent to our desktops. The big banner at the top is not attractive, nor helpful, it just takes up alot of screen space and is the root cause of the problems on mobile devices. Below is an example of what I see in my browser. While it is easy to scroll down, it should not be necessary. I don't need to see an image, I need to see content. Getting rid of the images should solve the UI problems in all environments. 
Images should be reserved for marketing materials, they are getting in the way of effective communication.




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@Dean brutto

I totally agree with you!

On Android it doesn't matter setting as plain text - because scrolling is a waste of time!

I also think it needs to be improved because it's a showcase for MTC and Microsoft!

Previously, I also saw a negative opinion in the discussion written by the MVP.

how do I find it I will attach a link


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@Dean Gross 


re: desktop design, thanks we will review your feedback when we next update the email templates.




Thank you for looking that up but to save you spending more time doing so, I am aware of the other discussions, having commented in most of them myself, that however doesn't change the fact that the current system is not able to generate a different template for mobile then desktop, in a way that will work in all mobile email browsers. 


Per my update we are discussing with the platform what changes need to be made and what we can do to improve the email notifications right now. As soon as I have more to share I will make sure and post it here. In the mean time this idea is "on hold" as its not technically possible today.



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Zrzut ekranu 2021-07-30 194536.pngZrzut ekranu 2021-07-30 194723.png

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I find that resizing the text to smaller on the first image and deleting the image really has nothing to do with the default browser on the device!

And the content can be enlarged and show a larger topic because it is basic information.

This can be tested without technical problems!


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Changing the default settings - removes the image, but also the text of the post is not visible, but I think it is worth changing the email notification settings in the MTC member profile. Zrzut ekranu 2021-08-27 224855.png

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@Dean Gross @Andrzej1 


Last week we changed the design of the emails slightly to make them more responsive to different screen sizes. We aren't done with these change though as it still has some issues, notably in Outlook and Gmail.


In outlook the title image often does not render and, because we had to use VML, we were unable to get the title to overlay the image correctly. In Gmail the footer doesnt correctly resize to the message width.


We will come back and try some more changes in the weeks ahead.

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Thanks, I notice a small improvement, but I still think that removing the huge image would be easy and provide us a more useful message

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I’ll be completely upfront with you here Dean, the image isn’t going away.


we might look to see if we can make it less tall or use a different image but we have no plans to remove the image anytime soon.



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Thank you, but changing the settings to plain text ,

for me it solved the problem!

I don't have a picture anymore!  

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