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A suggestion to assist the teaching community - please create a folder option where all Forms/Quizzes can be stored perhaps on Left Panel... this would make access and sharing to multiple teams/classes easier. An added bonus would be if one is able to group the form/quiz into one's own personalized folders[topics/themes]. The current access of forms/quizzes is not currently as user friendly as it could be, especially for teachers creating multiple lessons/items a day... please contact me if I can explain better. From a #gratefulTeacher during #LOCKDOWN #onlineTeaching

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Hi @MichElle12

There are uservoices currently open for this

I have also opened a uservoice specifically for this functionality as I have wanted to see it for some time

Please vote on this and get others to do so. Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris

Hi Chris

Yes, that would be so helpful.
I am sure most teachers would love this; but have just not as yet realized it could be an option- people would certainly vote YES if they realized this is a possibility.

Thanks for reaching out!