MECM console stop suddenly when starting

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Hello Guys, just installing my MECM Lab in Azure today in 2006 I made an upgrade to 2010 this morning and Configmgr console stop suddenly when starting. If you have any advice please tell me. This is my second lab I tried to upgrade and I have exact same situation.

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@LaurentH2405 What happens exactly? Does the console hang, or crash? Do you see any error messages? Any related information in the Event Viewer and/or the SmsAdminUI.log file?

@Michiel Overweel Sorry your answer was in my junk email. I finally find a solution to my problem. It was related to an empty xml file generated in my profile named ConsoleUsage-%Date%-%Time%. When this file has been deleted the problem was solved. Sorry for the delay answering to my own post.

No worries; glad to hear that the issue has been resolved!