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ZoomIt v5.0, RDCMan v2.90, Autoruns, ProcMon, TCPView, VMMap, Sysmon and WinObj
Published Jan 27 2022 02:55 PM 17K Views

ZoomIt v5.0

ZoomIt, a screen zoom and annotation tool, now supports Windows 11 and antialiased line drawing. Note that under Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022 some UI elements might not react to mouse clicks when zoomed. The temporary workaround until a future Windows update is to store the ZoomIt executable under the Windows or the Program Files directories.

RDCMan v2.90

RDCMan, a tool for managing and connecting to Remote Desktop sessions, receives support for Restricted Admin (/restrictedAdmin from mstsc) and Remote Credential Guard (/remoteGuard from mstsc) and bug fixes.

Autoruns v14.08

This Autoruns update fixes a series of application crashes, now correctly parses paths with spaces passed as command line arguments and improves .arn import functionality.

Process Monitor v3.88

This Process Monitor update mitigates a rare program crash condition.

TCPView v4.17

This TCPView update fixes a crash related to filtering by TCP version.

VMMap v3.32

VMMap, a tool that reports the virtual memory layout of a process, now supports Windows 11.

Sysmon v13.32

This Sysmon update fixes a conflict with FileDelete and FileDeleteDetected events in the same config.

WinObj v3.14

This WinObj update makes the behavior of the object tree control more consistent with Windows when handling right clicks.
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