Updates: Process Monitor v2.9, Process Explorer v12.02, Testlimit v5.02 | A new Mark's blog post and Mark to speak at the Windows Summit and TechEd US
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First published on TechNet on Apr 14, 2010

Process Monitor v2.9: This update to Process Monitor adds translations for more error codes, the ability to disable individual filter entries, and a debugging API so that developers can insert debug output into the Process Monitor event stream (John Robbins has implemented helper classes for generating process monitor debug output from native and managed applications).

Process Explorer v12.02: This update fixes a bug in the x86 Windows Vista driver that could cause a crash.

Testlimit v5.02: This fixes a bug related to thread stack reservations.

Pushing the Limits of Windows: USER and GDI Objects – Part 2 : Mark’s latest blog post describes the windows manager GDI object limits, complete with desktop screenshots of what happens when those limits are hit.

Mark to Speak at the Windows Summit and Microsoft TechEd US : Mark is the featured speaker at the first ever Windows Summit for systems builders and ISVs where he’ll be giving a deep dive into what’s new in Windows 7 under the hood. At TechEd US in New Orleans in June, Mark has four sessions on Windows internals, troubleshooting and a joint session with Mark Minasi on delivering compelling technical presentations.

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