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Updates: Process Monitor v2.7, ProcDump v1.5, VMMap v2.3, Autoruns v9.54
Published Jun 27 2019 11:50 AM 357 Views
First published on TechNet on Sep 17, 2009

Process Monitor v2.7 : This update to Process Monitor, a system monitoring utility, adds a new option to the process tree dialog that direct it to show just the timeline for displayed events, uses kernel-based thread profiling on Vista and higher for better performance, and includes a number of minor fixes and enhancements.

ProcDump v1.5: ProcDump now includes a new switch that enables the creation of a process dump upon process termination, which can help with troubleshooting unexpected process termination. It also fixes a bug where the -ma switch wouldn’t generate a full dump when combined with -r , the Windows 7-specific process reflection switch.

VMMap v2.3: VMMap, a process virtual and physical memory analysis tool has an improved copy-to-clipboard functionality and a fix for a bug that could in some cases result in inaccurate difference-view reporting.

Autoruns v9.54: This update includes several bug fixes, the introduction of additional 32-bit autostart locations for 64-bit Windows, some user interface improvements, and brings back compatibility with .ARN files created by older versions.

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