Updates: Process Explorer v11.20, ZoomIt v2.0, Sigcheck v1.53, Handle v3.4 and introducing Sysinternals Live beta.
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First published on TechNet on May 28, 2008

Sysinternals Live: We're excited to announce the beta of Sysinternals Live, a service that enables you to execute Sysinternals tools directly from the Web without hunting for and manually downloading them. Simply enter a tool's Sysinternals Live path into Windows Explorer or a command prompt as \\live.sysinternals.com\tools\<toolname> or view the entire Sysinternals Live tools directory in a browser at http://live.sysinternals.com/ .

Process Explorer v11.20: Process Explorer now shows thread permissions, adds process working set minimum and maximum columns, and fixes a bug that allows it to run from read-only locations on 64-bit Windows.

ZoomIt v2.0: This major ZoomIt update adds the drawing color pink, adds screen blanking to the undo history, extends the maximum pen size from 9 to 19 pixels, has an option to hide the tray icon and makes it easy to save zoomed and annotated screens as bitmap files.

Sigcheck v1.53: The CSV column headers have been fixed to correctly reflect the extended version and hash options.

Handle v3.4: This release fixes a bug that allows it to run from read-only locations on 64-bit Windows and adds an option to show the sizes of pagefile-backed sections.
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