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Updates: Handle v4.0. Procdump v7.01, Procexp v16.04, Regjump v1.02, Autoruns v12.03
Published Jun 27 2019 12:02 PM 664 Views
First published on TechNet on Sep 11, 2014

Handle v4 : Handle is a command-line utility that can show which processes have a handle to a file or other resource open, or show all open handles. Version 4 now works with standard-user rights, allowing standard users to identify the handles open by their processes.

ProcDump v7.01 : This release fixes several bugs, including one that affects the UI hang trigger, one that causes misnamed dump files for reflected dumps, and another that would cause .NET applications Procdump monitors for first-chance exceptions to terminate with Procdump.

Process Explorer v16.04 : This update fixes a bug in Virus Total file submission that could cause a crash, and now shows Windows Store package names on the Image page of the process properties dialog.

RegJump v1.02 : Regjump, a utility that opens Regedit to the registry key specified as a command-line argument, now works on 64-bit Windows.

Autoruns v12.03 : This update to Autoruns adds the registered HTML file extension, fixes a bug that could cause disabling of specific entry types to fail with a “path not found” error, and addresses another that could prevent the Jump-to-image function from opening the selected image on 64-bit Windows.

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