Updates: Autoruns v12.02, Coreinfo v3.31, Sysmon v1.01, Whois v1.12
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First published on TechNet on Aug 19, 2014

Autoruns v12.02 : This fixes a bug that could cause Autoruns to crash on startup, updates the image path parsing for Installed Components to remove false positive file-not-found entries, and correctly reports image entry timestamps in local time instead of UTC.

Coreinfo v3.31 : This update fixes a bug that could prevent the Coreinfo driver from loading .

Sysmon v1.01 : This fixes the manifest registration so that Sysmon event logs can be interpreted without installing Sysmon, and now includes unique UDP connections within 15-minute intervals.

Whois v1.12 : This release fixes the verbose output to not show the final record twice.

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