Updates: Autoruns v10, Process Explorer v12.04, Sigcheck v1.7, ProcDump v1.8 and a new Case of the Unexplained
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First published on TechNet on Jun 08, 2010

Mark’s Blog: The Case of the Unexplained IE Crash - Mark goes on a detective hunt to find out the likely culprit of an IE crash he recently experienced. In the post, he shows how to find which process out of multiple running the same executable crashed and how to get additional information from cryptic stack traces.

Autoruns v10: This major update to Autoruns introduces the ability to scan offline Windows installations, adds .exe and .cmd extension handlers, defaults to hiding Windows entries to reduce noise in the common use case, and includes bug fixes.

Process Explorer v12.04: ... This Process Explorer release adds the ability to generate full and minidump process crash dump files and fixes a bug in the process permission dialog.

Sigcheck v1.7: This version of Sigcheck, a file version and signature verification command-line utility, now returns an exit code of 0 to indicate that all code it checked was signed and 1 to report that some were unsigned.

ProcDump v1.8: This version of ProcDump, a command-line process crash-dump generation tool, includes comments in the crash dump that reflect the reason that the dump was generated (memory threshold hit, CPU threshold hit, manual, etc.).

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