TCPView v4.0, PsExec v2.33, WinObj v3.02 and Sysmon v13.02
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TCPView v4.0

This major update to TCPView adds flexible filtering, support for searching, and now shows the Windows service that owns an endpoint. It is also the second Sysinternals tool to feature the new theme engine with dark mode.

PsExec v2.33

This update to PsExec mitigates named pipe squatting attacks that can be leveraged by an attacker to intercept credentials or elevate to System privilege. the -i command line switch is now necessary for running processes interactively, for example with redirected IO.

WinObj v3.02

This WinObj release fixes a bug that could cause it to crash.

Sysmon v13.02

This Sysmon update fixes a crash that could be caused by file deletion events, fixes the "is any" rule predicate, and adds several configuration parsing performance improvements.
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