Sysmon v14.1, Coreinfo v3.6, AccessEnum v1.35, BgInfo v4.32, and NotMyFault v4.21
Published Sep 29 2022 02:03 PM 10.3K Views

Sysmon v14.1

This update to Sysmon, an advanced host monitoring tool, adds a new event type, FileBlockShredding that prevents wiping tools such as Sysinternals SDelete from corrupting and deleting files.

Coreinfo v3.6

This update to Coreinfo, a utility that reports system CPU, memory and cache topology and information, now has an option (-d) for measuring inter-CPU latencies in counter ticks.

AccessEnum v1.35

This update to AccessEnum, a tool that summarizes account permissions on files and folders, fixes a version number mismatch in its version information.

BgInfo v4.32

This update to BgInfo, a tool for displaying system information on screen desktop, correctly reports Windows 11 Insider versions.

NotMyFault v4.21

This update to NotMyFault, a tool used to crash, hang, and cause kernel memory leaks on Windows, now works on ARM64 systems.
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