Sysmon 1.1 for Linux, Contig v1.83, ProcDump 1.4.1 for Linux, and Process Monitor v3.93
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Sysmon 1.1 for Linux

This update to Sysmon for Linux, an advanced host monitoring tool, adds support for a wider range of distributions (e.g., RHEL) by leveraging BTF enabled kernels.

Contig v1.83

This release for Contig, a single-file defragmenter, fixes a bug preventing the 64-bit Contig64.exe from working, fixes a path parsing bug, and adds support for ARM64.

ProcDump 1.4.1 for Linux

This update to ProcDump for Linux, a flexible tool for manual and trigger-based process dump generation, adds the capability to generate dumps based on the contents of an exception message.

Process Monitor v3.93

Process Monitor, a utility for observing real-time file system, Registry, and process or thread activity, receives fixes for several user interface and log file bugs.
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