RDCMan v2.8, AccessChk v6.14, Process Monitor v3.83, Strings v2.54, Sysmon v13.22 and TCPView v4.13
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RDCMan v2.8

RDCMan, a utility for managing multiple remote desktop connections, is now part of the Sysinternals family of tools! This release fixes CVE-2020-0765, an XML parsing vulnerability.

AccessChk v6.14

This AccessChk version adds support for NULL DACL reporting.

Process Monitor v3.83

ProcMon v3.83 fixes some rendering bugs in event properties and brings Ctrl+A and Ctrl+C support for edit boxes in the event properties dialog.

Strings v2.54

This Strings update improves handling of files containing long strings.

Sysmon v13.22

This Sysmon update improves performance for rule processing and fixes a bug that may truncate large sub-rule expressions.

TCPView v4.13

This TCPView update fixes a bug with connection state filtering.
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