Autoruns v13.93, Handle v4.21, Process Explorer v16.22, SDelete v2.02, Sigcheck v2.71, Sysmon v8.02 and VMMap v3.25

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First published on TechNet on Dec 09, 2018
Autoruns 13.93
This Autoruns update fixes a bug that prevented UserInitMprLogonScript from being scanned and by-default enables HCKU scanning for the console version.

Handle 4.21
This Handle release fixes a race condition that could cause a bluescreen.

ProcessExplorer 16.22
This Process Explorer release fixes a race condition that could cause a bluescreen.

Sdelete 2.02
SDelete now includes a progress filter that reports progress for the disk cleaning phase that purges MFT resident files.

Sigcheck 2.71
This release fixes a crash when attempting to scan small files (< 512 bytes) and resolves issue with incorrect timestamp being reported.

Sysmon 8.2
This Sysmon release fixes several filtering bugs, resolves a handle leak and high CPU usage for certain filters when on Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008, and fixes a bug that could cause the service process to crash.

VMMap 3.25
This VMMap update fixes a bug that prevented profiling a 32-bit application on a 64-bit OS.
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@MarkRussinovich This is the last blog entry on Process Explorer. It is over two years old. The last release of Process Explorer is a full ten point releases later (16.32 vs 16.22) and dates from 2020-09-11 (according to the ZIP file). What was new? Why is this release notes blog not updating at all? COVID-19? 

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