Survey: Pane Persistence Feedback for Favorites and Collections


Hello Insiders!


We've heard feedback from some of you that you'd prefer to have the new Favorites, History, Downloads, and/or Collections panes remain pinned until you decide you're done, rather than unpinning automatically when the pane is closed. There's a few possible ways we could address this depending on your use case, and we'd love your input on which option works best for you.


The survey below has instructions for how to enable the three proposed solutions. The flag is currently available in today's Canary build (92.0.874.0). For those of you running the Dev channel, the flag should be available there next week.


We ask that you please try all three options in both Favorites and Collections before sharing your feedback, ideally living with each option for a day or so to really get a feel for how they work.


For the purposes of this survey, this new behavior is currently only enabled in Favorites and Collections, but we will expand it to other features once a final decision has been reached. The flag to enable all three options will also only be available for a limited time.


Take the survey (all responses are anonymous)


We look forward to hearing your thoughts!


May 26 update: Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete the survey! Based on your feedback, we have made a final decision and are closing the survey and removing the flag. The new behavior is now rolling out to Canary, including support for History and Downloads.


— The Microsoft Edge Product Team

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