Blue screen of death :(

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I am getting the blue screen of death once or twice a day, since getting the Surface Studio.


The most recent was BAD_POOL_HEADER. Before that it was DRIVER_CORRUPTED_EXPOOL a few times.


How can I make it work all the time?







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Contact support and ask them to diagnose the problem.  Make sure you back everything up first because they're going to use the only repair tool they have, a system restore.   There's no system refresh unless you can still get to your desktop.. then you can find ways of doing a "refresh" which should fix your drivers.  If you can get to your desktop give it a try, it's likely a bad driver and just needs the driver replacing.  If after a refresh it's still doing it... contact support again and ask for a replacement unit.   They'll try to make you do the USB stick restore tht erases your entire computer, and it may temporarily fix it, but if it returns yet again... replacement  Don't let them drag the issue out to the end of your warranty or they'll charge you for the replacement, and it won't be cheap.