Watch the newly released Surface videos for device repair
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The engineers at Surface have created new instructional videos demonstrating how to disassemble the newly available Surface devices, along with a high-level overview of how to replace the components. The latest videos are for Surface Laptop Studio 2 and Surface Go 4.


Use these videos as a companion to the Surface Service Guides documentation,


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Surface Laptop Studio 2




  • Introduction
  • Removing feet and cover
  • Removing SSD
  • Removing display module
  • Removing Surface Connect port and audio jack
  • Removing micro SD port
  • Removing USB ports
  • Removing fans
  • Removing subwoofer speakers
  • Removing motherboard
  • Removing tweeters



Surface Go 4




  • Introduction
  • Removing kickstand
  • Debonding and removal of the display
  • Removing hinges
  • Removing antennae deck
  • Removing SD connector
  • Removing blade connector
  • Removing camera modules
  • Removing motherboard
  • Removing speakers



Surface Laptop Go 2 & Laptop Go 3




Surface Laptop 3 & Surface Laptop 4




Surface Pro 9 with 5G




Surface Pro 8




Surface Pro 7+



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