Surface Hub proxy improvements

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Proxy server identification and registration in Surface Hub


With the Windows 10 May 28, 2019 update (KB4499162), Surface Hubs now have improved logic, and the ability to save the FQDNs of proxy servers that are discovered as part of the regularly occurring network ping.
Over the course of regular cleanups, Surface Hub will eventually store every single proxy server in the organization.


Surface Hub proxy list via Intune


Also with this update, we introduced a new CSP that allows IT Admins to configure a list of the FQDNs of every proxy server that the Hub can interact with. When this policy is enforced and proxy credentials are set to Device Account, the Device Account’s credentials will automatically be used against any Proxy server on the list. The credentials and proxy servers list will never be removed as part of the Surface Hub cleanup. As a result, if an IT Admin can enumerate all proxy servers FQDNs, there should be 0 prompts for passwords on the device.
The OMA-URI for this setting is: ./Vendor/MSFT/SurfaceHub/Properties/ProxyServers
Value type is: String
Proxy servers should be represented in their FQDNs: ProxySRV1.corp.contoso.local,
Not in host name only format (ProxySRV1)
And should not include additional prefixes (https://ProxySRV1, http://ProxySrv2, etc.)
Proxy servers should be semi-colon delimited: Proxy1.contoso.local;Proxy2.contoso.local;Proxy3.contoso.local;Proxy4.contoso.local


Proxy CSP.png


Preferably, The Intune Device Configuration Profile should also contain the ./Vendor/MSFT/SurfaceHub/Properties/AllowAutoProxyAuth OMA-URI to ensure the Device Account credentials are being used:


Allow CSP.png

Proxy profile.png



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Is it not possible to assign PAC files with the custom settings, rather than listing all these out individually?


@Wrinkletink Yes, usage of PAC files is supported.

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@Yoav Barzilay Is there a guide on how to specify a PAC file, as this states not to include http etc in the text here.

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