Surface – Built for enterprise, powered by Windows 11
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From the beginning, we created Surface to deliver the best of Microsoft – powered by Windows. We've pushed the boundaries of what's possible, integrating enterprise-rich features that enable the best of Windows and Microsoft 365.We're excited to bring more advanced capabilities that help make Surface devices even more valuable for businesses.




Innovative experiences to elevate collaboration

For many of us, Microsoft Teams2 is our go-to app for meetings, integrating advanced features that are more than just "nice to have." They're becoming essential to collaborate effectively. With a powerful camera, immersive audio, and precision-engineered displays, Surface helps virtual calls feel more natural. It's another example of how software and hardware are coming together to create delightful experiences that redefine how work gets done.


Experience clearer audio with Voice Clarity

Let the conversation flow naturally on every Microsoft Teams2 call, thanks to Studio Mics with Voice Clarity3 on Surface Laptop Studio. Online meetings feel more like they're face to face because you can hear and be heard even while others simultaneously talk and laugh. Details in your voice like laughter, emotion, and confidence are captured more clearly. You can stand up and walk around the room with the assurance your voice will be clearly heard and background noise will be suppressed.




AI-powered camera puts people at the center

With the new Surface Hub 2 Smart Camera4, the meeting experience becomes even more immersive for people both in the room and participating remotely. AI can detect people across various postures, lighting conditions and rooms, ensuring every participant is equally visible. With its automatic framing technology, portable design and high-quality video, the Surface Hub 2 Smart Camera helps ensure participants are seen and heard – whether they are at the back of a large room or interacting with the Surface Hub at the edge of the screen.




Best in class security

We have worked in close partnership with teams across Microsoft to enable advanced Windows security features on Surface. Every layer of Surface, from chip to cloud, is maintained by Microsoft, giving you ultimate control, proactive protection, and peace of mind wherever and however work gets done.4


  • Chip to Cloud security: We keep our devices up to date for the lifetime of the device, not just the day you buy it. We ensure our hardware, firmware, drivers, and operating system undergo thorough security design inspection before shipping. We use Windows Update to ensure you're up to date and protected against emerging threats.
  • Virtualization-based security (VBS): Enabled by default on Surface devices running Windows 11, VBS uses the CPU's hardware virtualization instructions to create a secure region of memory isolated from the normal operating system. Windows 11 uses this isolated VBS environment to protect security-sensitive operating system functions such as the secure kernel and security assets like authenticated user credentials.
  • Windows Hello: We complement our hardware to enable efficient software improvements. Example: Recently released Surface devices5 have improved face authentication performance via enhanced hardware in the camera system using a larger IR sensor resolution and operating at a higher IR wavelength, which is more resistant to interference due to ambient light.
  • Secure Core PC: As we look to the future, Surface is working in close partnership with Windows to drive additional firmware innovation that will expand the Microsoft portfolio of Secured Core PCs.

We have challenged ourselves to bring more advanced security features to help businesses focus on their work while we take care of the security. To learn more, check out the Windows 11 Security Book and Windows 11 Security for Business.


Premium management capabilities

Surface is committed to delivering the best experiences to IT departments and end users. Whether reducing deployment time through Autopilot,enabling remote management of firmware at the UEFI level via DFCI,7 or viewing device status from the cloud, we have continually uplifted the overall management story for Surface. The Surface Management Portalprovides insights into device health, warranty, support requests and the latest commercial news. You will soon be able to see the list of Surface devices eligible for Windows 11 update, including which devices have successfully updated to Windows 11.




Simply put, Surface for Business with Windows 11 is designed for hybrid work to empower productivity, simplify deployment, and provide robust chip-to-cloud security.


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1. Requires paid subscription

2. Sold separately. Software license required for some features. 

3. Voice Clarity will be available on Surface Laptop Studio devices running Windows 11 mid-April. Windows Update may be required  

3. Surface Hub 2 Smart Camera, sold separately, dynamically adjusts the video feed for remote participants. Surface Hub 2 Smart Camera will be included in the box with Surface Hub 2S 85" starting in May 2022.

4. Security benefits require devices running Windows 10 Pro or Windows 11 Pro with latest updates, or Windows 10 or Windows 11 Pro and Enterprise on Surface Hub 2S. Some features may require additional licenses or subscriptions. See Business Technology Insights and Resources - Microsoft Surface for Business.

5. Surface Laptop Studio, Surface Pro 8.

6. Subscription required. Find out more about Windows Autopilot licensing requirements. 
7. Surface Go and Surface Go 2 use a third-party UEFI and do not support DFCI. DFCI is currently available for Surface Laptop SE, Surface Laptop Studio, Surface Pro 8, Surface Go 3, Surface Laptop 4, Surface Laptop Go, Surface Book 3, Surface Laptop 3, Surface Pro 7+, Surface Pro 7, and Surface Pro X. Find out more about managing Surface UEFI settings. 
8. Surface Management Portal is available to customers who use Microsoft Endpoint Manager and have enrolled Surface devices through Intune.

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