Surface Book 3 at Microsoft Build

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Microsoft Build 2020 is upon us and we are excited to have Surface play a part in several areas. 

For those that are not aware, Build is Microsoft’s yearly developer conference and while it normally takes place in a convention center on the west coast of the USA, this year it is a fully digital experience.  For 48 hours non-stop, beginning at 8AM Pacific (Seattle time) on May 19th and repeating through out the day and night for different time-zones across the world, we will offer live keynotes and sessions to attend.  If you have already miss part of it, do not worry, it is all recorded, so you can replay and jump right in when you are ready.


On the Surface side we are holding the following special session to highlight the Surface Book 3 as the ultimate development platform combining the latest performance from Intel with hardware accelerated Ray Tracing and AI enabled via discrete graphics from NVIDIA. Collectively, Book 3 is the most powerful Surface laptop we have ever built and we believe developers will love it.




In this session we provide a deep dive into the capabilities of Surface Book 3 with a focus on GPU-accelerated visualization application development.  You will learn how Surface Book 3 utilizes NVIDIA Ray Tracing technology to enable real-time, cinematic-quality rendering content as well as AI-based features that accelerate and enhance graphics, photo imaging and video processing applications.  You will leave with an understanding of the SDK and APIs available to accelerate and enhance graphics, photos, imaging, and video processing on the full line of Windows 10 NVIDIA RTX class of devices to include the Surface Book 3.


Surface-Book-3a.gifAlong the way we will introduce you to Bob Pette, Vice President and General Manager at NVIDIA where he leads the Professional Visualization Product Group, which includes NVIDIA platforms and technologies such as Quadro GPUs, advanced rendering technologies and professional virtual reality solutions.  Bob will walk you through how the power of Quadro and NVIDIA’s RTX technologies benefit developers and users of devices in the data visualization space. 


We will finish the session with what we are calling, “Unboxing the Box”. Not only will I do my best impersonation of YouTubers unboxing the Book 3 from its beautiful packaging, (see iJustine Go 2 Unboxing) but I’ll take it one step further and literally tear down the device to the component level, thanks to help from our engineering team.  Here you will see the meticulous care that goes into the design underneath the skin of the device as we inspect the components that make up the power and capability of the Book 3. 


So, check it out and let us know what you think!


While you are at it check out other sessions that focus on Surface such as:




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Developer Keynote


Scott Hanselman

Surface Book 3, 15”

Scott Hanselman calls on a number of his friends to explore the modern developer toolkit for every developer with GitHub, Visual Studio, Windows and much more. (Panos cameo)

Live session

Tue 5/19 | 9:00am-9:45am

Session code: KEY02A

Add to schedule via Build tool

Windows Community Standup: Live Q&A with Kevin Gallo, CVP of Developer Platform


Kevin Gallo

Surface Book 3, 15”

Join Kevin Gallo, corporate vice president of the developer platform for a live Q&A session to talk about the Windows announcements.

Live session

Wed 5/20 | 4:15-4:45pm

Session code: BDL169

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How to bring your Android apps to Surface Duo with Xamarin

(Skilling, on-demand)

Craig Dunn

Surface Duo

Learn about the Surface Duo and use Visual Studio and Xamarin to enhance a C# app for dual-screen devices.

Surface Book 3 – GPU-accelerated application development (Unboxing the box)

(Skilling, on-demand)

Frank Buchholz

Surface Book 3, 15”

The new Surface Book 3 is the ultimate development platform combining the latest performance from Intel with hardware accelerated Ray Tracing and AI enabled discrete graphics from NVIDIA to deliver our most powerful mobile Surface ever (or Surface laptop ever).  This session will provide a deep dive into the capabilities of Surface Book 3 with focus on GPU-accelerated visualization application development.


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