Streamlined Surface registration support for Autopilot
Published Sep 15 2020 04:21 PM 20.9K Views

We’re pleased to announce simplified options for registering Surface devices to your Azure AD tenant for Windows Autopilot deployment. Beginning today, customers and partners can submit registration requests directly to Microsoft Support.  


The streamlined process means customers no longer need to harvest their own hardware hashes. Instead, they just open a ticket and get the hashes or request Microsoft to register their Surface devices on their behalf, reducing the cost and time hit, especially for customers without dedicated IT resources. This registration by Microsoft also enables Device Firmware Configuration Interface (DFCI) on those devices, allowing customers to make their devices more secure.


Getting started


Before submitting requests, you’ll need to have some basic information about your Azure AD environment and the devices you want to register including:


  • Azure Active Directory Tenant ID
  • Azure Active Directory Domain Name
  • Proof of ownership
  • Device serial numbers


For complete details, go to Surface Registration Support for Windows Autopilot.  


Zero-touch provisioning


We hope this new initiative will enable more customers to take advantage of zero touch provisioning for full lifecycle management. If you're not familiar with Windows Autopilot, registration for new or recycled devices allows IT admins to configure Autopilot profiles that can automatically be applied to those devices. Devices are then delivered directly to an end user who needs only to power the device on, connect to a network, and enter their organization credentials. The device will be provisioned into a fully business ready state --  secured and managed with all the apps that they need to be productive.  


To learn more, check out Windows Autopilot and Surface devices and visit Windows Autopilot - Microsoft 365.


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