Resuming on-site operations with Surface solutions
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We are very proud to announce that Surface Go is positioned to play a key role in helping businesses and schools resume on-site operations when it becomes safe to do so.


A new solution -- Communify Greet – turns Surface Go into a self-service, contact-less gating kiosk deployable at building entrances, lobbies, and reception areas. Equipped with a custom Box IT enclosure and an embedded temperature-reading thermal sensor, Communify Greet provides first line gating and check-in for employees, students and visitors.



Communify Greet on Surface contact-less kiosk with fully enclosed thermal sensor


How it works

Built in collaboration with our Microsoft partners -- Teknikos and BOX IT Design -- Communify Greet works like this:

  • The Surface Go camera is used to detect when someone is approaching and asks the individual to check in by scanning a QR code.
  • The embedded thermal sensor initiates a scan to ensure the individual does not exceed temperature thresholds.
  • When not in use, the Communify Greet kiosk displays digital signage to facilitate the implementation of company policies and promote workforce confidence.

Microsoft Power Platform integration

Starting with release 1.3 of Power Platform return to the workplace solution, organizations can integrate Communify Greet via a connector, extending the value of Power Platform return to the workplace workflows to Surface endpoints running Communify.


Mapping a real-time digital footprint

Communify Greet is part of the Communify return to the workplace suite, a SaaS (Software as a Service) workplace productivity solution exclusively available on Microsoft Surface devices. Together, Communify Greet, Communify Meet (calendar hall display outside of meeting rooms) and Communify Seat (flexible workspace management display for non-meeting room work areas) can provide a “digital footprint” for employees and students, using QR code behavioral data generated as an individual checks in and out of different buildings, meeting rooms and workspaces throughout their day.



Employee journey: Return to modern work


Complete solution powered by Surface and Microsoft Cloud

Bringing together the Communify RTW Suite with Surface, Power Platform and Microsoft Cloud offers organizations a unique set of capabilities and unmatched value.


  • The Surface Go 3:2 display aspect ratio is ideal for digital signage and easy interaction. The device specifications are best-in-class including brightness, field of view, and resolution.
  • Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AAD) integration eliminates synchronization issues.
  • Device deployment, management and security is all done via Microsoft 365, using current investments and IT processes.
  • Windows Autopilot self-deploy mode eliminates the need for on-site IT resources, greatly reducing deployment total cost of ownership.
  • The Surface device hardware ID and device TPM (trusted platform module) are used to create paired state resilience between the Surface device, the Azure tenant and the Communify service.
  • A web-based administration portal provides easy access to distinct roles including IT, facilities, human resources and marketing.
  • Microsoft Power Platform common data service is used to exchange data between the return to the workplace solution and the Communify RTW Suite.


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