New streamlined Support experience for commercial customers

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We’re very pleased to announce the availability of time-saving features in our Surface Diagnostic Toolkit for Business (SDT4B) that lets users submit support tickets directly within the tool. The new streamlined experience eliminates the need to manually enter warranty and other system information.


You can download SDT4B directly from Surface Tools for IT.


Using SDT4B

  1. The new tool retains the user friendly interface and first checks for the latest Surface and Windows updates. If some are missing, it proceeds to install updates automatically (subject to network policy) before continuing to the main menu:




2. Run all available tests or select just the ones you need:




3. Running tests triggers a series of checks for detailed hardware component diagnostics. We recommend running all tests before contacting Support.


4. When all tests have finished, the tool asks you to confirm if your issue is fixed.



5. If the issue isn’t fixed or you don’t know, you can submit a Support ticket by selecting Contact us to Get help now. 




6. SDT4B then collects the appropriate diagnostic and system information about the device and pushes it into the Support ticket. This eliminates the overhead of searching for relevant files, messaging back and forth with a support engineer, having to look up warranty information, and so on.


7. The tool invites you to select from drop-down lists and briefly describe the issue. Make sure you include details of any troubleshooting steps you have tried.








8. After entering any additional info, review the request and then select Submit.



9. SDT4B collects relevant information about the device while log files are being attached.sdta2.png




10. You can now view the support ticket and all the attached information at


Note: IT admins can centrally deploy a customized version of SDT4B that includes a subset of available tests and related functionality. To learn more, see Deploy Surface Diagnostic Toolkit for Business.


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 The app freezes when the TypeCover is connected or flipped

We are investigating an issue and this feature will continue to operate soon. Thank you for your patience!

The latest version of the tool now has the fix for this: Download from Surface Tools for ITSurface_Diagnostic_Toolkit_for_Business_v2.125.139.0.msi

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