Introducing Teams Rooms on Surface Hub

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As a critical mass of companies and organizations embrace some form of a hybrid work environment, many customers are looking for the best technology to build or maintain their competitive position.  That's why I'm pleased to announce the latest Surface Hub innovations to help customers thrive in this new "boundaryless" workspace -- from new Microsoft Teams features and a new Edge browser experience to improved management and admin capabilities.


Microsoft Teams Rooms on Surface Hub

Available now via the Windows Insider Program: The new Microsoft Teams Rooms on Surface Hub experience, designed to enable boundaryless collaboration on a device purpose-built for teams to meet and co-create, wherever they work.


By signing up for the Windows Insider program, you will get early access to the new Teams experiences on Surface Hub. While these features are coming to customers later, you can sign up for the Insider program today and experience these new features before anyone else.


To sign up for Windows Insider:

  1. Go to and register with your Microsoft account or work account.
  2. Once you've registered, sign in to the Settings app on Surface Hub and select Update and Security. On the left pane, choose Windows Insider Program and sign in using the account you registered with. 
  3. Choose the Dev channel and restart your device. You should  see the new Windows Insider builds offered to you in the Update and Security feature of the Settings app.
  4. If you don't see updates, select Check for updates. Your updates will appear and begin installing.

For a sneak peek of these new experiences, check out this video:





This next generation of Teams on Surface Hub has been redesigned to bring your favorite features from the desktop and Microsoft Teams Rooms into the meeting space. With a new meeting stage, a robust set of meeting controls, and popular features including Together Mode scenes, background noise suppression, chat bubbles, and live reactions, Teams Rooms on Surface Hub enriches collaboration for the hybrid workplace. You can easily access your Microsoft 365 files and confidently present using features like PowerPoint Live in Teams, letting you see slides, notes, and your audience all in one view.


Simply put, Teams is evolving to provide more "presence" so instead of just looking at a wall of faces, you can create personal spaces like a dining room table or a coffee shop.


Select scene focus.pngThis public preview will be available starting next week via the Windows Insider Program for Surface Hub, and we will add exciting features like Coordinated Meeting and Proximity based meeting joins over the course of the preview. 


If you’re not already familiar with the Windows Insider program, when the public preview concludes later this year, these features will become available to all Surface Hubs. For terms and conditions, refer to the Microsoft Windows Insider Program Agreement.


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Coming soon


New Microsoft Edge experience on Surface Hub

With the Surface Hub Windows 10 Team 2020 Update, we provided a way for our customers to experience the new Microsoft Edge on Surface Hub. Also coming with this Insiders update, we’re making the new Microsoft Edge the default browser. on Surface Hub. With this, you can now experience the same desktop Microsoft Edge Chromium browser that our customers love on the Surface Hub.


IT management of Surface Hub

Later this year we will also integrate Surface Hub into the Microsoft Teams Rooms managed service and into Microsoft Teams Admin Center to make it even simpler to deploy and manage your devices on scale.


Productivity in the hybrid workplace


Building Surface Hub 85"

When we set out to build our our biggest Surface device ever, we could no longer rely on side by side, in person processes. To learn how we approached this challenge of retooling our processes for the remote and hybrid environment, check out the latest episode of Beneath the Surface. 



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Super Contributor

@Yoav Barzilay, will these features be rolling out to the first gen Surface Hubs or only the Surface Hub 2S devices? Not quite sure I want to run Windows Insider for a production device though so hope these features roll out soon if they will work for 1st Gen devices.

@Jeffrey Allen  yes Gen 1 and 2S Devices :)

Super Contributor

Great job team!


Occasional Visitor

The Whiteboard on a Surface HUB part didn't show if you'd need to authenticate (or not). Will it work seemless without any prompt for authentication when you start the whiteboard?

Occasional Visitor

Once on Teams Room mode, I can still manage it via intune Surfacehub profile, or do i have to reconfigure it?

@Tom_BOLLENS - The WB can work with or without logging in. If you don't login the user is responsible for sending a copy to themselves. e.g. there is no backup and an end session would kill the WB.


@Slawek985 The mode teams is running in has nothing to do with managing the hub. YES you would still use Intune to push desired configurations, apps, and other settings.


Super Contributor

Any remote control capability coming?  It would be great for admins to be able to remote in to make setting changes, do white glove support, etc.  Can do this today with MTR, need it on Surface Hub.

Mr. Phillips, how are you sir!!! Always looking to do that in the product but as you've known for years, not easy to get an app running in the background for levying Remote control. With that said the new TEAMS client in preview currently has "give control" Its only being tested right now and no confirmations it will make it for final release but this is at least something we can start to explore.


Super Contributor

Hey Anthony, it's been a minute.  Thanks for the reply.  Any kind of remote would be helpful.  Getting it more like MTR is a good step in the right direction.

Occasional Visitor

Hi all, with MTR on original Surface Hubs, will we able to connect a second display so that we can have a wider teams experience? (i.e. video either across two screens or whiteboard on one and video on the other)

you can do this thru "coordinated meeting join" to any Hub. With regards to extending the screen on V1 I don't see how that would work. Unless you just used the hub as a second monitor.. 


Super Contributor

Will system audio be available when sharing screen content from Surface Hub?  i.e. videos from YouTube or video files from OneDrive

Super Contributor

@David Phillips, good question! I hope it will be! @Yoav Barzilay, I hope system audio will be available.

yes I do believe this is part of the new TEAMS client! @Jeffrey Allen @David Phillips 

Super Contributor

Thanks Anthony.  Could we get full confirmation on that?  The reason I'm asking is we have a possible need to redesign a conference space because this doesn't exist in the current Surface Hub feature set.  If it's coming, we might be able to hold off on redesign.  Thanks.

Regular Visitor

@Christian Schacht can you confirm? I'm pretty sure in the video you call out.


Occasional Visitor

Always appreciate new features and functions for the Hubs.

Is Direct Guest Join for WebEx (which is in the Teams Rooms Systems) going to be included on the Hub soon?


Regular Visitor

@RobHid YES it is on the roadmap, just not available yet. We need to get this new TEAMS client out first.

Super Contributor

Zoom too?  

Whatever the current MTR support - Hub will support when it launches. NO ETA thou.


Senior Member

We've noticed that any Surface Hubs running anything above OS Version 10.0.19042.1081 no longer displays the Meeting Title on the splash screen or the teams client when you go to join the call.


This is the same on our preview device running the new teams update - they only display the Organiser's name and time of the meeting.


Is this intentional and any chance of restoring this? Seeing the meeting Title certainly helps!


UPDATE:  The latest monthly update revealed that it was infact our meeting room config's that we're in correct - the correct configurations can be found here: . 

Super Contributor

I'm holding you to that statement, Anthony!  

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