Introducing SSD Commercial Spares for Surface Pro 7+

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When we set out to design Surface Pro 7+, we wanted to make it easy for enterprise customers to retain data and repair units  We listened to customer feedback about the critical importance of retaining confidential data and reducing the downtime incurred by a servicing issue. That’s why we’re pleased to announce that beginning today, commercial customers in the U.S. will be able to purchase Microsoft Surface Removal SSDs (rSSDs), enabling their IT technicians to service devices onsite.




Removal SSD commercial spares are primarily designed to address data retention. Enterprise IT departments are often required to retain data for liability reasons. When a company owned PC asset is transitioned between employees or when a company owned PC is sent in for repair or retired, sensitive data can be archived or destroyed. Companies retain full control over their data.


SSD kits consist of a single certified refurbished SSD —plus SSD screw. All volume sizes are available: 128GB, 256GB ,512GB or 1TB.  At this time, the kits cover Surface Pro 7+ only and will not work for Surface Pro X or Surface Laptop Go. After the initial US rollout, we plan to gradually roll out the kits to all Surface regions.


To order, reach out to your regional reseller or Surface specialist (initially in the U.S. only) to order via regular commercial channels. We hope this makes it easier for commercial customers to retain their data on Surface Pro 7+ devices. 


Finally, here are answers to some common questions customers may have:


Does the installation have to be done by an Authorized Service Provider (ASP)? 

  • Removable SSDs (rSSDs) do not require a license or authorization. Microsoft recommends these repairs be performed by a skilled IT professional. 


Does installation require a trained technician? 

  • We recommend only a skilled IT technician perform the SSD replacement and while following Microsoft instructions in the Surface Pro 7+ removable SSD guide available on the Microsoft Download Center.


Can I upgrade Surface Pro 7+ devices by installing larger SSDs, or do I have to replace with the same size SSD that is removed?

  • Microsoft does not advise users to install an SSD that has not been tested for your device configuration. Microsoft takes measures to ensure product quality as well as testing hardware configurations offered for sale. Installing a third-party SSD or a different Microsoft SSD (of another volume size) may result in reduced performance and unsupported configurations.


What comes in the box when I purchase a commercial spare?  Are there installation instructions? 

  • The rSSD Commercial Spare Package includes only the replacement SSD and basic instructions. For complete instructions, refer to the Surface Pro 7+ removable SSD guide available on the Microsoft Download Center. It is recommended to store the rSSDs in their original packaging until they are used to prevent potential damage due to stacking.


Is there a software tool to erase the content of my old SSD? 

  • You can use Surface Data Eraser or reimage the device to securely wipe all data stored on the SSD. The SSD must be installed during the process. Surface SSDs are encrypted by default. 


Does the commercial spare SSD need to be imaged? 

  • Yes. After a new SSD has been introduced in a host PC, users must use BitLocker recovery to restore the device. Alternatively, the device can be reimaged.


Can consumers place orders too?

  • Commercial Spares are not available for purchase in the regular consumer channels and are intended for use by enterprise customers only. 



Can you please provide a part number for this new SSD Kit?

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Yes I'm checking on this and will update the post. Thanks

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Part numbers are available through the Microsoft partner network for customers looking to purchase kits in the commercial channels.
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I have spoken to four different resellers in the partner network and none of them have heard of this. They can't even find any sign of a spare kit or even just a Microsoft replacement SSD in their systems. Can you please provide some guidance on how to obtain this kit? I have been on the phone with various Microsoft support departments for 6 hours trying to accomplish this and nobody seems to know what I'm talking about. Thanks. 

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@Dariable - I can help you get the parts, please reach out to your SHI Account Executive and we can assist. 

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