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Flexible work has become a mainstay of modern business throughout the world. And companies are doing their best to accommodate hybrid workers while still meeting business needs and security standards. It's essential to provide the support employees need to do their best work—wherever they get it done. When equipped with the necessary devices, tools and training, studies have shown that productivity goes up for remote workers.


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Technology leaders need to know that employees want:

  • Trusted devices and software that enable them to work confidently from anywhere.
  • A secure technology setup so they can complete their best work without compromising security.
  • Powerful devices that are easy to use and software and hardware that work together seamlessly, saving them time and energy.

Best devices for hybrid work

Surface devices, powered by Microsoft 365, are designed to support productivity in any location by seamlessly connecting the experience across software and hardware. This means your employees can work however they like, from removing obstacles to logging on with Windows Hello to more natural and efficient ways of working with the touchscreen.


Of course, the choice of device depends on the nature of your work, your performance needs and your budget. Check out all the Surface devices here: Hybrid Work Technology and Solutions – Microsoft Surface for Business.


If you're managing a hybrid work environment, you'll want technology that easily supports your employees and enhances their productivity, on-the-job satisfaction and commitment to stay and grow with the business. Learn from organizations that improved IT workloads and helped employees achieve more with Microsoft Surface devices and technology in Empower your hybrid workforce with the right tools.


Provide security, reduce complexity and encourage productivity 

IT teams need hardware and software solutions that work together smoothly, especially when customers and colleagues are scattered geographically. Whether you're looking for a PC with a lot of memory to edit videos, a lightweight, portable tablet for on-the-go working, or an everyday device to serve frontline customers, there's a Surface device for you.


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In Empower your hybrid workforce with the right tools, you’ll learn how the right technology can enable you to:


  • Empower employees to do their best work whenever, wherever. It’s essential that your team has reliable laptops, tablets and mobile devices to work with the software they rely on—no matter whether they're at the office or on the go. There are a variety of Surface devices to choose from, and they're all designed for hybrid work.

"Working remotely is often a source of stress for the teams, and the Surface Hub 2S has lessened that. We realized that (with Surface devices) working remotely could make more services accessible to more people. We also realized that real-time discussions between various providers were more efficient and optimized patient care."  

- Dr. Lionel Nace, Director of Emergency Services, Regional University Hospital Center in Nancy, France.



  • Extend advanced security over your tech stack. Enable hybrid work without compromising on security. With Surface and Microsoft 365, every layer of your tech stack can work together to protect your business.

“Even though very little data resides on Surface Pro devices under our thin client model, we needed to apply security policies to uphold our key security principles. We used the Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager to amplify security and convenience. I think we achieved a good balance of heightened security and usability."

-Masashi Yamashita, IT Business Support Lead in the Network and Cloud Division, NTT Comware Corporation.


  • Get up and running instantly. When hardware and software are optimized to work together from the start, you'll save yourself time, money and frustration. With Surface and Microsoft software and tools, you can remotely manage devices, reduce device management complexity, stay on top of application updates and scale your business.

“And since we were trialing everyone working from home in Microsoft Teams, we realized that if we used Microsoft 365 tools with Microsoft devices, we could create an integrated experience across our digital workplace."

-Ron Roozeboom, Manager of Digital Workspace, Eneco.


With the ease of deployment and maintenance of Surface devices, you'll empower teams to focus on what's most important. And with seamless integration with familiar apps and chip-to-cloud security, you'll improve employee productivity and satisfaction throughout your organization.


Give your current and prospective employees what they need in a hybrid work environment. Learn how to help your organization and employees achieve more in Empower your hybrid workforce with the right tools.


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