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First published on TECHNET on Sep 18, 2018
The Microsoft Teams app for Surface Hub is now available for all Surface Hubs.

The app was originally made available a few months ago for members of the Windows Insiders Program, and we have now released it for all Surface Hubs running Windows 10 Team Edition OS 1703.15063.1292 ( KB4343889 , August 30, 2018) or later.

The Microsoft Teams app for Surface Hub, downloadable from the Microsoft Store or from the Microsoft Store for Business, brings the Microsoft Teams meetings experience, including one-touch join and up to four incoming video streams, as requested by many members of our community.

One of the questions we were asked a lot when we tested this app, was: “What happens to the Skype for Business client on the Surface Hub, and does having the Microsoft Teams app cancels the Skype for Business client?”
We made sure you can use both on the Surface Hub. Whether you’re in the process of testing Microsoft Teams in your organization or in the middle of a migration, or maybe you’re already using Microsoft Teams and would still like to preserve your ability to join Skype for Business meetings for the Surface Hub, you can setup the Microsoft Teams app to work in one of the following three modes:

  • Mode 0 - Keep as is.
    Use this mode if your organization still uses Skype for Business primarily, but you want the ability to join Microsoft Teams meetings from Surface Hub.

  • Mode 1 - Microsoft Teams Hybrid.
    The Microsoft Teams ‘Call’ tile will appear on the Welcome Screen.
    The Microsoft Teams tile on the Start Menu will replace the default Skype for Business tile and will show the Microsoft Teams client when launched. You will also see the one-touch ‘Join’ button to join scheduled Microsoft Teams meetings.
    Scheduled Skype for Business meetings will launch the Skype for Business client when you hit the one-touch ‘Join’ button for Skype for Business meetings.
    Use this mode if you’re transitioning to Microsoft Teams from Skype for Business and/or your organization uses Microsoft Teams primarily, but you want the ability to join Skype for Business meetings.

  • Mode 2 - Microsoft Teams.
    The Microsoft Teams tiles are displayed on the Welcome Screen and Start Menu. All Skype for Business functionalities are disabled.
    Use this mode if you’re only using Microsoft Teams.

How should you prepare?


Check your Surface Hub’s update history to confirm that KB4343889 is installed.
If it isn’t, check for new updates from Windows Update and install it.


The Microsoft Teams app for Surface Hub does not install as part of Windows Update - It’s a Windows store app and can be downloaded from the Windows Store directly to your Surface Hub or pushed from the Windows Store for Business via Intune.


Installing the app itself will not trigger any change. Similar to the existing Skype for Business client, it becomes part of the Windows 10 Team Edition OS and will need additional configuration to set the desired mode as described earlier in this post. You should not launch the app from the Windows Store app on the Surface Hub.
We created three provisioning packages, one for each mode respectively. Download the package that suits your desired configuration to a USB stick and add it to your Surface Hub;
From the Surface Hub settings app, go to Surface Hub , Device Management , and choose “ Add or remove a provisioning package ”:

Click “ Add a package ” and add the package for your desired mode:

  • Mode 0 – Skype for Business with Microsoft Teams functionality for scheduled meetings.

  • Mode 1 – Microsoft Teams with Skype for Business functionality for scheduled meetings.

  • Mode 2 – Microsoft Teams only.

Note: Previously installed packages may already be displayed in this screen.

If using Intune , Create a new Device Configuration Profile for the Microsoft Teams app. There are two dedicated CSPs we're using to configure the app on the Surface Hub. Both must be present on the Surface Hub for the Teams app to work:

./Vendor/MSFT/SurfaceHub/Properties/SurfaceHubMeetingMode is the CSP that replaces the .ppkg files you'll be using if you're manually installing the app. The setting comes with the values of 0, 1 or 2 as described above.

The Data type for this setting is Integer and you can choose the values 0 , 1 or 2 as illustrated in the following image:

The next CSP is ./Vendor/MSFT/SurfaceHub/Properties/VtcAppPackageId , representing the app ID that's replacing Skype for Business. The value for this CSP is always Microsoft.MicrosoftTeamsforSurfaceHub_8wekyb3d8bbwe!Teams
The Data type for this CSP is String . Copy and paste the value from the line above as illustrated in the following image:

If using another MDM solution that supports SyncML, use the following sample to push the configuration:

<SyncML xmlns="SYNCML:SYNCML1.2">
<Format xmlns="syncml:metinf">int</Format>
<Format xmlns="syncml:metinf">chr</Format>

A Restart of the Surface Hub is required after adding a provisioning package or after pushing the configuration via Intune.
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