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For more than 10 years, Designed for Surface (DfS) accessories have helped IT leaders solve for unique needs that arise across industry environments. DfS is often a key factor enabling an organization to equip entire teams with Surface. Interested in how DfS can support upgrading your device fleet while simplifying your management? Read on.


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#1. What exactly is Designed for Surface?

Managed by Surface engineers, the Designed for Surface program certifies third-party Surface-compatible accessories that provide specialized solutions across industry and customer needs. More than simply compatible with Surface—these accessories set a high bar for compatibility and enable you to customize Surface for many work environments.


DfS accessories are developed by trusted manufacturers—but earning a DfS-certified badge is not so simple. Every DfS-certified accessory is rigorously tested by Surface engineers to ensure proper fit and function with Surface devices, so you can feel confident a DfS accessory will protect, connect, scan, withstand, prop up, swivel, tilt, hold, or hang how you expect it to, right out of the box.


#2. Bringing rapid solutions to newly identified challenges are a DfS hallmark

The DfS process is nimble, leveraging two different paths to find a speedy solution when a need is identified through Surface customer insights and feedback.


First path: trusted DfS partners develop new products

The  DfS team evaluates customer opportunities and leverages the insights of Surface engineers alongside the existing research and development of trusted partners to then ideate, design, and build solutions specifically for Surface. Leveraging the insights and capabilities of partners who are deeply invested in specific spaces such as protective cases, cable-solutioning, and more, helps DfS move quickly to deliver the right solution to customers.


Second path: certify existing products and solutions

The second way the DfS team brings solutions to market quickly is to identify existing products and technology that address a need. Microsoft Surface engineers then put that technology through rigorous, extensive testing. If an accessory passes Designed for Surface validation, it’s then evaluated for inclusion within our DfS-certified catalog.


For example, we partnered with a leading monitor manufacturer to certify three monitors that meet the most common asks from our commercial customers. We've tested these monitors with our Surface devices and have worked with our interop team to ensure that these monitors are included in their on-going testing and FW testing.


#3. Unlocking even greater accessibility with Designed for Surface accessories

Surface devices are inclusive by design. At Microsoft, we believe that accessible technology is a fundamental building block that can unlock opportunities in every part of society.


Through customer insights and requests, Designed for Surface accessories help to continually open the ecosystem for everyone. Our catalog includes braille displays, inclusive keyboard covers, AAC communication aids, and ADA-compliant Surface Hub stands with ergonomic positioning.


#4 IT leaders love the unique extensibility DfS solutions offer

IT leaders understand they can outfit their company with a particular Surface device, unlocking new functionalities by choosing the DfS accessories built for specific use cases. DfS solutions have been implemented across industries to solve for many unique cases. Here are recent examples:


  • For a chain of retail stores using Surface Go 4 as a point-of-sale (POS) device, powered by Dynamics 365 Commerce, Designed for Surface can enable a kiosk or mobile POS experience for associates on the retail floor with an ergonomic, 360-degree adjustable hand strap. Providing multiple POS options enables your retail associates to meet customers where they are, leveling up their purchasing experience.

  • For the team in a warehouse center managing inventories with Intelligent Order Management for Dynamics365 on Surface Go 4, Designed for Surface offers an impact-resistant, tactile grip case with Surface Pen storage, barcode scanning, and a built-in kickstand with five angular positions plus portrait view, enabling on-the-go inventory, fulfillment, and information sharing in a rugged environment.


  • For the educator in a modern learning environment using Surface Go 4 as a portable teaching assistant in class, the device is tucked into a UAG Plasma Case with 360-degree rotational hand strap and built in Surface Pen storage. Both online and in-classroom, students can be engaged at once by casting Surface Go 4 content to Surface Hub 3 mounted to an ADA-compliant Salamander Wall or Mobile Mount. Raise and lower Salamander Mounts to meet in-class needs, then transition to productive desk time with UAG’s built-in kickstand that transforms the tablet to a laptop. Surface Go 4 easily connects to a Kensington universal docking station and a 24” ViewSonic second screen with advanced ergonomics that tilt, swivel, raise, and lower.

The same Surface device is used in all three scenarios, accessorized to extend to each unique environment based on specific use case.


Designed for Surface accessories add even more versatility to the thoughtfully designed Surface ecosystem. When you choose Designed for Surface, you're choosing accessories that support industry-specific needs while upholding Surface productivity, simplified management, and world-class security. Extending the Surface brand promise is what it means to be Designed for Surface.


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