Will be "Android app on Windows 11"-developers a part of this community?

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Hi team,

I already asked the question in your last Twitch stream, but maybe more people are interested in it.


You (the DX team) said, that you will broad up the samples to "non Duo"-devices like other foldable, tablets, or old school single screen devices.


Windows 11's (nope, I do not have one)  "Subsystem for Android" allows to run apps from the Amazon Store on a PC. For me that's a "new form factor" was it is with dual screen devices - and maybe with some special SDKs in the future.


That's why my question: Do you plan to "add this" to your responsibility list or is it another Microsoft team / community that helps developers to work and adopt their apps?


Happy coding,

- Tobi

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Hi Tobias,


Thanks for your question and apologies for the delayed response!


Enhancing apps to run on Windows 11 fits in with our goals of improving apps on large screens and foldables, so a lot of the guidance we share will be relevant for that form factor.


However, for Windows Subsystem for Android questions, we would recommend referring to their specific resources:
- Documentation
- Q&A forum

No problem at all @khalper :)


I do not own a W11 machine, my question was just out of curiosity if the "surface duo sdk team" will become a "how to optimize your Android apps and websites if it is not just a single mobile screen." :)