What are the hinge angles for "closed" and for the "book" state?

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Hi fellow coders,

has someone an idea what are the hinge angles for the "closed" and the "book'ish" state of the Surface Duo?

Thanks to the SDK update which now provides a member that indicates the current angle, it would be awesome to incorporate this into an app idea of mine.


Thanks for any tip!

- Tobi

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We divide these up in areas called Closed, Peek, Concave, Flat, Convex and Full. Working on getting you how the system divide these postures up in degrees but apps do not have to do it the same way.

Thanks for your help @Hakon_Strande !

I have some ideas that requires an UI update related to the posture of the device.



  • "L"-State: (Convex?) Show Video in the vertical part, show notes in the bottom horizontal part. Usecases: HR meetings, learning apps. The video should be visible if the device is in its book posture.
  • "V"-State: Show prettified information to the customer, but on the other side, the field worker sees non-public information about the customer which could help to lead a sales pitch, etc.


Have a great day,

- Tobi

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I don't have the exact angles handy, but one of our recent blogs includes this image which you could use as a guide. Let us know if this helps with your ideas :)

Thanks @Craig_Dunn!


The image would be even better if there were some numeric values given. Nevertheless, It helps a lot. Thanks buddy!