Increase Storage for Surface Duo Emulator

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I'm getting an error:

ADB0060: Mono.AndroidTools.InsufficientSpaceException: There is not enough storage space on the device to store package:

Is there anyway to increase the emulator storage.  My app deploys and runs on physical Android devices, but cannot run on the emulator.






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Hi @Fritz_S ,

sorry that I've no helpful answer for you. I did not get it running using the Emualtor installed on a Windows 10 system.


But just for personal interest. How large is your apk? A fresh installed emulator hast around 2GB of free storage available. Maybe you can reset the emulator until a proper solution to increase the storage has been found?

@Fritz_Shave you found a solution? :)

TS, Re-installed the Surface Duo emulator. App is at least running now.

@Fritz_S in debug mode without any linking, Xamarin apps can be pretty large, some things you can try:

- Linking (Sdk Assemblies Only, might already be enabled)

- turn on Use Shared Runtime, which will only install Mono once (only for debug builds, this shouldn't be used for release). this mainly helps if you have multiple Xamarin apps on the emulator that you're testing. 

- delete other test apps to free up space (Settings > Applications).

- delete your app manually before attempting to re-deploy.

- increase the space available to the emulator.



Thanks CD,  


Exactly how is this done?  "- increase the space available to the emulator."



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@Fritz_S where your emulator is installed, there is a bin/config.ini file. In that file, find and update the line:




Try 3G? You can also set/adjust the SD card size, and possibly allow the apps to be installed there?

@Craig_Dunn ,

Great , prompt response.  Now just waiting for a "real" Surface Duo.  :)