Meet the 2021 Imagine Cup Top 12 teams
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Out of the tens of thousands of students from 163 countries who registered for the 2021 Imagine Cup39 teams advanced to the World Finals to showcase their original tech innovations. 


Our World Finalists represent four competition categories: EarthEducationHealthcare, and LifestyleUsing Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Augmented Reality, gamification, and so much more, these students have developed their ideas into impactful and inspiring solutions to make a difference. During Round 1 of the World Finals, each team gave a 3-minute project pitch followed by demo presented to expert judges, answering questions and discussing their ideas in depth 


Twelve teams were selected to move forward based on their innovative use of Azure technology, diversity and inclusive design, and potential to make an impact in their selected category. They’re heading on to Round 2 of the World Finals - congratulations to all these incredible students for making it this far! 


Meet the World Finalists!

Intelligent Hives, Poland

Earth category

Project: Intelligent Hives - Bee Monitoring System


On average, 30% of bee colonies are unable to survive into the next season. Intelligent Hives brings beekeeping into the 21st century. The team's intelligent solution helps save bees, beekeepers, money, and time.

ProTag, New Zealand

Earth category

Project: ProTag


ProTag is a smart ear tag for livestock that can detect the early onset of illness in real-time, lowering costs and increasing animal welfare along with farmers' peace of mind.


Virtual Radiologist, Nepal

Earth category

Project: Pico Sat


Pico Sat is a miniature version of an environmental satellite, which provides users information about environmental parameters like altitude, temperature, humidity, pressure, dust, and pressure.

Virtual Radiologist.jpg

Hands-On Labs, United States

Education category

Project: Hands-On Labs - How can we enable every student to have a truly 'hands-on' learning experience' online?


Hands-On Labs is a set of remote laboratories that allows students to observe and remotely control physical tools online in real-time for their courses. The team aims to provide an active learning experience to students from any background all around the world.


Nyansapo AI, United States

Education category

Project: Digital Literacy Assessment


The team's mobile app enables instructors to assess the literacy level of multiple children at once and track the individual literacy progress of children over time. As a digital assessment tool, the projects makes it easy for instructors to collect, organize, and analyze assessment data to effectively place students in the best educational level.


Tandemly, United States

Education category

Project: Tandemly


Using an array of built-in services and Augmented Reality, Tandemly aims to enhance and transform the educational experience for individuals with learning disabilities.

Cepha, United States

Healthcare category

Project: Cepha


Team Cepha created an early detection platform for Parkinson’s disease utilizing smartphone sensor data.


Intelli-Sense, India

Healthcare category

Project: Vision - the Blind Assist


The solution seeks to aid difficulties faced by blind individuals in understanding their surroundings in situations such as walking through a road or reading a book. The solution’s main goal is to provide a sense of vision to the visually impaired.



Healthcare category

Project: REWEBA (Remote Well Baby)


The team's solution is an early warning system that digitally monitors growth parameters of babies and sends data to doctors remotely for timely intervention. It combines a variety of technologies to provide innovative functionalities for infant screening.


Assurance Team, United States

Lifestyle category

Project: Assurance - Re(Imagine) Safety


Team Assurance created a proactive and affordable system to prevent mass shootings. It works by scanning the aggregate input from security camera feeds for firearms and alerts all parties it needs to alert as soon as a firearm is detected. The system is fully extensible and is able to run on low-cost hardware.

Assurance Team_New.jpg

DataMasker, China

Lifestyle category

Project: WellMask


WellMask is an Artificial Intelligence social mask based on semantic extraction & symbol communication. The team hopes to solve the problems of inefficient communication and high social threshold caused by masks, so that masks are no longer synonymous with isolation.


Threeotech, Thailand

Lifestyle category

Project: JustSigns


JustSigns is a web application for content creators to create sign language captions to improve media accessibility for hard-of-hearing viewers. 



Follow these teams’ journeys on Instagram and Twitter as they advance to the next round of the World FinalsFour winning te ams will be selected, taking home USD10,000 and Azure credits. These teams will also move forward to the World Championship for the chance to win USD75,000 and mentorship with Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella. Two runner-up teams in each category will take home USD2,500 plus Azure credits. Good luck to all our competitors!  


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