Work Folders for iOS can now upload files!
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First published on TECHNET on Feb 13, 2017

Work Folders for iOS can now upload files!

We are happy to announce, that we’ve just released an update to the Work Folders app on iOS that now allows anyone to upload pictures and documents from other apps, take pictures or even write a simple note – right from within the Work Folders App.
We also released a version with this feature set for Android .


Work Folders is a Windows Server feature since 2012 R2 that enables individual employees to access their files securely from inside and outside the corporate environment. The Work Folders app connects to the server and enables file access on your iOS phone and tablet. Work Folders enables this while allowing the organization’s IT department to fully secure that data.

What’s New

Using the latest version of Work Folders for iOS, users can now:

  • Sync files that were created or edited on their device

  • Take pictures and write notes within the Work Folders application

For the complete list of Work Folders for iOS features, please reference the feature list section below.

Work Folders for iOS – Feature List

  • Sync files that were created or edited on your device

  • Take pictures and write notes within the Work Folders app

  • Pin files for offline viewing – saves storage space by showing all available files but locally storing and keeping in sync only the files you care about.

  • Files are always encrypted – on the wire and at rest on the device.

  • Access to the app is protected by an app passcode – keeping others out even if the device is left unlocked and unattended.

  • Allows for DIGEST and Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) authentication mechanisms including multi factor authentication.

  • Search for files and folders

  • Open files in other apps that might be specialized to work with a certain file type

  • Integration with Microsoft Intune

Saving your office files into the Work Folders app

Microsoft Office files are read-only when opening the files from the Work Folders app.

  • Inside any of the office apps, tap "Duplicate" to store the file locally on your iOS device.

  • Make your changes and save the file.

  • Follow the steps below to sync any office file with your Work Folders app:

[video width="1916" height="1078" mp4=""][/video]

Blogs and Links

If you’re interested in learning more about Work Folders, here are some great resources:

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