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First published on TECHNET on Jun 23, 2008

  1. In "Overview of Actual File Restoration" ( ), the table of requester actions has been updated to remove the call to SetBackupSucceeded and add a call to GetWriterComponents .

2. In "Using VSS Automated System Recovery for Disaster Recovery" ( ), the registry key descriptions were revised to make them clearer.

3. In the IVssComponent::AddDifferencedFilesByLastModifyTime reference page ( ), an introductory sentence was added to the Remarks section.

4. A new topic, "Backing Up and Restoring an FRS-Replicated SYSVOL Folder" ( ), was added.

5. In the following method reference topics, the size parameter descriptions now specify that they are in bytes:
a. IVssDifferentialSoftwareSnapshotMgmt::ChangeDiffAreaMaximumSize ( )
b. IVssDifferentialSoftwareSnapshotMgmt::AddDiffArea ( )
c. IVssDifferentialSoftwareSnapshotMgmt2::ChangeDiffAreaMaximumSizeEx ( )
d. IVssDifferentialSoftwareSnapshotMgmt::QueryVolumesSupportedForDiffAreas ( )
e. IVssDifferentialSoftwareSnapshotMgmt::QueryDiffAreasForSnapshot ( )
f. IVssDifferentialSoftwareSnapshotMgmt::QueryDiffAreasForVolume ( )
g. IVssDifferentialSoftwareSnapshotMgmt::QueryDiffAreasOnVolume ( )

6. In the glossary definition for "auto-recovered shadow copy" ( ), this sentence was deleted: "An auto-recovered shadow copy cannot be transportable."

7. In "What's New in VSS in Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista SP1" ( ), the name of the Network Policy Service VSS writer was changed so that it is now correct.

- Diane