Troubleshooting problems with DFS Replication diagnostic report accessing performance counters
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First published on TECHNET on May 18, 2006
A blog reader recently reported that running a diagnostic report resulted in the following error:

The DFS Replication service is unable to access the performance counter DFS Replicated Folders(Apps-{B0CFA463-027A-47BE-B1B8-8A84D5C758F2})File Installs Succeeded on SERVER1. Performance data is unavailable. Error ID: 0xc0000bb8.

To troubleshoot this problem, our DFS Replication guru Rob Post asked the customer to check whether the DFS Replication service is running on the server—the DFSR perf counters aren’t visible unless the service is running, and this is a common reason why the DFSR perf counters can’t be accessed. Rob also asked the customer to check whether the perf counter named “File Installs Succeeded” for the replicated folder “Apps” was visible in Perfmon on the server reporting the problem.

The customer checked the status of the DFS Replication service (it was running) and discovered that when he tried to add a new counter with Perfmon, he saw numeric representations of objects in the Performance objects section of the Add Objects window. For example, instead of “.NET CLR Exceptions,” he saw “1150.”. All the other servers he checked displayed the correct object names.

The customer did some digging and found KB article 300956 named How to manually rebuild Performance Counter Library values , which helped him fix the issue. When following the KB, he noted that the “lodctr /R” command didn't reinstall all of the performance counter drivers, and he needed to locate a program to expand a compressed .dat file (expand.exe).


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