The Storage Replica Video Series: Configure and Manage Stretch Clusters in Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 2
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First published on TECHNET on Jun 08, 2015
Hi folks, Ned here again. You have reached the end of my new video series on Storage Replica in Windows Server 2016 TP2 . We’ve covered Stretch Cluster automatic failover , Test-SRTopology , RDMA Fiber performance , creating and managing server-to-server replication , switching replication direction, and removal . Today I show building and managing your stretch cluster, including both CSV and non-CSV storage.

Tomorrow I show nothing. Hey pal, this was a lot of work, I need a break from Camtasia !

I saved the best for last; Stretch Clusters are the coolest. A nice familiar graphical interface, a simple and intuitive wizard, status management tabs, and a polished experience. Once you’re running a stretch cluster, you get all the benefits of a normal single-site cluster, as well as peace of mind from synchronous replication protecting your data. Aaaaaaah.

Let’s warm ourselves around the 21 st century hearth.

Finally, our long national nightmare is over. No more hearing Ned.

I’d say this was so easy even a monkey could do it, but monkeys can be pretty smart . Therefore, it’s so easy even an Elden can do it.


Any comments, suggestions, anger, love? Find us through email or UserVoice . I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief series. Rest assured that plenty of deeper content is coming. You know me, I’m a constant self-promoter.

Until next time,

- Ned “Now to reap the rewards of points on the backend” Pyle

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