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First published on TECHNET on Jun 03, 2008

Since Windows Server 2008 Beta stages, our team has been supporting TechNet forums. Today, TechNet/MSDN is releasing a new community platform, with more functionalities and renewed interface. Not all forums are in the new platform yet – we were lucky to get into the first migration wave.

If you are a Storage Forum user, you’ll notice some changes:

·         Our Forum will not be a “Windows Server 2008” forum anymore – it’s Windows Server, period. Customers from all Server versions are welcome to post.

·         Heavy forum users – like people from Product Team or Storage MVPs – will like the fact that we can now copy and paste code without having certain symbols turning into smileys J

·         A new lighter weight editor was added to reduce the time it takes to create or reply to a post.

·         One of the coolest features is a quick filter called “Unread”, which displays all threads with new posts since the last time you visited the forums

·         The ability to expand and collapse forum category headers was also added – one less click to read the threads.

This is the new link:

And last – but not least – this is how it looks like:

Enjoy the new Forums! Happy posting!

-- Malu Menezes