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This release brings support for older SQL Server versions (2012, 2014, 2016) into the version agnostic MP. That is, going forward just like SQL Server MP, we will have version-agnostic Replication MP that can monitor all SQL Server versions in support. This is the last MP in SQL Server MP family to move to full version-agnostic mode. 


Please download at:

Microsoft System Center Management Pack for SQL Server Replication


What's New

  • Updated MP to support SQL Server 2012 through 2019
  • Updated "Replication Agents failed on the Distributor" unit monitor to extend it for Log Reader and Queue Reader agents detection
  • Added new property 'DiskFreeSpace' for "Publication Snapshot Available Space" unit monitor
  • Removed "One or more of the Replication Agents are retrying on the Distributor" monitor as non-useful
  • Removed “Availability of the Distribution database from a Subscriber” monitor as deprecated
  • Updated display strings

Issues Fixed

  • Fixed discovery issue on SQL Server 2019
  • Fixed issue with the incorrect definition of 'MachineName' property of DB Engine in some discoveries and replication agent-state unit monitors
  • Fixed issue with wrong property-bag key initialization on case-sensitive DB Engine in some unit monitors and performance rules
  • Fixed issue with the critical state of "Replication Log Reader Agent State for the Distributor" and "Replication Queue Reader Agent State for Distributor" unit monitors
  • Fixed wrong space calculation in "Publication Snapshot Available Space"
  • Fixed duplication of securable detection for monitor "Subscriber Securables Configuration Status"
  • Fixed issue with the incorrect definition of 'InstanceName' property in "Replication Database Health" discovery
  • Fixed issue with an incorrect alert message for monitor "Pending Commands on Distributor”
  • Fixed issue with incorrect condition detection for monitor "Total daily execution time of the Replication Agent"


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