RML (READTRACE/OSTRESS) Utilities for SQL Server 2005
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First published on MSDN on Nov 21, 2007

As I promised at the PASS 2007 Summit in Denver, I'm writing a post here about the popular RML Utilities better known and READTRACE and OSTRESS. Our goal was to have this fully ready and posted on the web for public download by Thanksgiving. That day has arrived but we are not quite ready to post the final bits.

The authors of these tools, my colleagues at Microsoft Keith Elmore and Robert Dorr, assure me that this is very close for final release. In fact, it is just a few final touches that is required to post the final bits. At this point, they are confident they can have this ready on the web within the first two weeks here in December.

So sorry for the tease, but look for a posting on this blog within the first two weeks in December from Keith and Robert about the new version of these tools.

Bob Ward

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