What’s New in Visual Studio Extensions for SSAS and SSRS
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We have just released the new Visual Studio extensions for SSAS 2022 and SSRS 2022. Microsoft Analysis Services Projects 2022(SSAS) and Microsoft Reporting Services Projects 2022(SSRS) provide project templates and design surfaces for building professional data models and act as a report designer for creating professional reports respectively. Our team of engineers have worked on the Feedback tickets, feature recommendations, customer suggestions, marketplace comments and have solved a plethora of problems that our customers were facing with the application.

We received customer feedback that there were compatibility issues with the latest VSIX version when used with the latest version of Visual Studio. Our team has worked on fixing these and have also incorporated additional enhancements for SSAS and SSRS.

Some notable enhancements among the many that we have worked on are listed below. This release was dated on November 17th and the version of the VSIX is 3.0.7:


Support for SQL Server 2022

We have added support for SQL Server 2022. In the Tabular Projects we have added the (1600) compatibility level which gives the functionalities of SQL Server 2022.





In addition to the previous compatibility levels, level 1600 was added for Tabular Projects in SSAS. With this, Tabular Projects in SSAS can be developed and deployed to SQL Server 2022.

SQL Server 2022 comes with a host of new features including but not limited to Analytics, Availability, Security, Performance etc. The complete details of new feature can be found in What's new in SQL Server 2022 - SQL Server | Microsoft Learn


Improvements to SSAS Extension

Among the improvements that were done, few of the notable ones are as follows:

  • We have provided support for AAS (Azure Analysis Service) Server redirection: Multiple customers have reported difficulties with authorization in Power BI while connecting through AAS. This problem has been sorted in this release. For more details, you can refer to Connect to Azure Analysis Services with Power BI | Microsoft Learn
  • We have expanded the support for data connectors in SSAS. We now support the 64-bit data connector when creating a new SSAS Tabular Project.
  • The Deployment Wizard, a tool included with SSAS, uses the artefacts produced by the SSAS project to carry out the deployment and/or produce an XMLA script that can be used to deploy later. Users had reported difficulties with authorization process using the credentials for SSAS. These authorization issues have now been resolved.



  • Additional fixes including issues related to Linked Dimension, multidimensional project responsiveness, and occasional crash of Visual Studio due to the VSIX were resolved. An issue with the Process Partitioning button graying out in SSAS Tabular Model was also fixed.



SSRS Stability Improvements

In SSRS, we have worked on Stability improvements. A prevalent problem was that while connecting to an SSAS Data source in SSRS, an error was displayed while the report was being previewed (Preview Report Error - Assembly Issue). That problem has been resolved in Microsoft Reporting Services Projects 2022 version 3.0.4.


Accessibility Enhancements

Accessibility has always been an important subject for Microsoft. In order to fulfil our mission of empowering everyone, we strive for inclusive design. In this release, we improved SSAS's Narrator feature and tried to improve the text's contrast with the background in difficult-to-read panes.


The Road Ahead

With these improvements and fixes in the latest releases, we encourage you to download Visual Studio 2022, the SSAS extension and the SSRS extension.  Your feedback is always appreciated and can be filed in the Visual Studio feedback hub.



In the upcoming releases, we plan to work on the UI issues and develop more modern methods to take feedback from our customers.

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